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Annual And Scheduled Services | Ramsey, NJ

annual and schedule McLaren vehicle servicing

Annual or Scheduled Services

At our dealership we have regular service offerings to meet our customers' needs and help them save money on car service and maintenance. Come and see us today and see what we have on special!

Service Specials

Benefits of Annual or Scheduled Services and Why it is Important.

There are several annual or scheduled services that automobile owners need to have performed in order to keep the car running properly. These include regular oil changes, and checking fluid levels including washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Monitoring tire inflation levels should be done regularly, as should tire rotations and wheel alignments. The condition of the battery, hoses and belts, and filters should also be checked on a regular schedule. Regular oil changes help keep the engine running as efficiently as possible, in addition to keeping the engine from becoming clogged. Keeping your other fluids topped up is important for the continued functionality of the power steering, brakes, and transmission. The life of your tires will be maintained by keeping them properly inflated in addition to rotated and aligned. Checking the battery and replacing it before it dies completely will prevent the car from failing to start, especially in cold weather. Monitoring the health of the hoses and belts is important because neglecting these components can lead to the overheating of your engine and the need for expensive fixes, and keeping the air filter clean is important for preventing contaminants from the road from finding their way into your engine and damaging it.

McLaren Bergen County Serving Ramsey, NJ

995 NJ-17, Ramsey, NJ 07446

Visit our Certified Technicians

If bringing your vehicle in for regular scheduled service, you want to be certain you are entrusting it into the hands of professionals. The difference in outcome for people who bring their cars to certified professionals and those who don't can be immense, and can mean costly repairs and lost time. Our dealership has certified technicians who have plenty of experience performing routine maintenance on cars all any type of make or model, so no matter what your vehicle's origin, you can rest assured we can take care of your automobile's needs.

Why Are OEM Parts Important

What if your automobile needs replacement parts? There can be a large difference between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket automobile components. Aftermarket parts are not made specifically for the individual make and model of vehicle, whereas OEM parts are. Aftermarket parts can vary widely in quality, and OEM parts are known for having consistently high quality. Because of the variance in quality aftermarket parts are often not warrantied, while OEM parts are usually guaranteed for at least one year. Our dealership uses only OEM parts, offering superior quality and peace of mind to our customers.