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McLaren Bergen County Wheel Alignment Service | Ramsey, NJ

Wheel Alignment Service - Prestige McLaren

Wheel Alignment

What does it mean to have a wheel alignment on your car? A wheel alignment is a procedure whereby mechanics are able to ensure the wheels on your car are positioned directly ahead. When the wheels on your car are properly aligned, steering is easier and the tires experience more even wear.

What causes wheels to become misaligned?

When you hit curbs or other objects when parking or making turns, this can bump the wheels into an off-center position. Most people who are driving in this situation will not be able to tell their wheels are now misaligned; however, the effects of this misalignment will start to show. A car with misaligned wheels will tend to veer off-center toward the wheel that is out of alignment. In order for you to keep your car driving straight, you will have to drive the car pulled toward the opposite direction. When you have a wheel out of alignment, that tire will deteriorate faster than the others and will need to be replaced before the others. The uneven driving you will have to do when you have this problem will also run up your car's mileage. Your vehicle may also feel unstable while you are driving, or you may experience screeching in your tires when you turn.

Prestige McLaren Wheel Alignment - Ramsey, NJ

McLaren Bergen County Serving Ramsey, NJ

995 NJ-17, Ramsey, NJ 07446

Certified Technicians & Mechanics

There isn’t a standard schedule for wheel alignment, but it is common for mechanics to recommend having your wheels calibrated this way once every two to three years. If you have wheel alignments every couple of years, or perhaps once you start to notice problems, you will find that the suspension on your car lasts longer along with the steering. Overall, you will save money in the long run because these parts of your car will not wear out as quickly. If you come in to our dealership for a wheel alignment, you will find certified technicians and mechanics ready to serve you. At our dealership all of our automotive technicians have experience performing wheel alignments and can provide quality service to our customers. They also have expertise working with makes and models of all types.

Why only OEM Parts?

Whenever you visit our dealership in Ramsey, NJ for a wheel alignment, you can rest assured we use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. OEM parts are often seen as of better quality than aftermarket parts, and when you use these kinds of parts you have the benefit of knowing that the parts you are using were created specifically for your vehicle, to work in the same way your old part was created to work. Aftermarket parts can be used, but they are not obtained from the original manufacturer. They may be made with lower-quality materials than OEM parts, they may not come equipped with a warranty, and the sheer number of aftermarket parts means that you are more likely to come across a part that does not function as well as the OEM part. OEM parts are warrantied and their specificity means you know the part you’re using is going to function the way it should. If you’re experiencing a pull to the left or right while driving, your wheels probably could use some re-calibration. Come into our dealership today and let us take care of you.