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2017 McLaren 570GT Coupe Specs & Prices | Ramsey, NJ

The 570GT adds extra comfort and practicality to breathtaking performance. Every bit a McLaren, it’s optimised for the road and makes the ultimate sports car experience one that’s perfect for daily use, longer journeys and weekends away.

• Engine: Rear mid-mounted DOHC V8 3.8 liter all aluminum, twin-turbo with dry sump lubrication

• Horsepower: 562 hp

• 443 lb-ft Torque

• 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds

• Top Speed: 204 mph

• 7-speed transmission with McLaren dual clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox & three modes: Normal, Sport & Track

• Exterior Color: Onyx Black

• Interior Color: Carbon Black

• Stock #: C002

• VIN: SBM13GAA0HW002147





McLaren 570 GT Coupe For Sale in Ramsey, NJ

McLaren has designed a grand touring model for its Sport Series lineup. For those who want the performance of a supercar with top class comfort, luxury, and convenience, look no further. New appearance added storage, and sophisticated handling is making a great number of auto enthusiasts take notice of this fantastic addition.

Performance and Handling

As with the 570S, the 2017 McLaren GT Coupe enjoys a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produces an astounding 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. Mated with this motor is well thought out 7-speed transmission, that is controlled with a dual clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox, and is accompanied by three drive modes: Normal, Sport and Track. This powerhouse accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds, and still enjoys the same top speed of the 570S at 204 mph. Considering the touring experience in mind, one thing worth mentioning that adds to luxury experience is the reduced spring rates. A decrease of 15 percent in the front and 10 percent in the rear produces a more dampened and quiet ride. Fast reaction from carefully engineered iron disc brakes make a safe pairing for this slightly heavier model, while a tweaked spoiler retains the aerodynamics of other McLarens. For the experienced driver, who stays calm and in control, steering ratio has been augmented to have a more gradual and refined output to driver inputs.


Appearance and Convenience

At first glance, with its streamlined sharp looks, gorgeous curves, and formidable stance, this stunning Ice Silver supercar has a futuristic appeal. Peer inside this beauty and feel the pulse from the spicy Harissa Red leather finish. When you sit down, you realize that McLaren puts the driver and passenger in a stylish and ultramodern environment, that seems like cockpit, with seats that caress with adjustable ergonomic support, and controls that put one easily in command of this vessel. Its perfectly tapered, down-sloping, dome of rear glass facilities a unified transition from the clear overhead roof, making an almost panoramic appearance that gives an open feel of greater awareness to your surroundings. With versatility in mind, this rear glass hatchback door, displays the Touring Deck, and provides access to a second storage compartment. Along with the four cubic feet of front storage, the eight cubic feet of this new storage compartment more than allows sufficient room for groceries, bags, and luggage. Speaking of which, McLaren is coming out with a luggage set that is fitted to capitalize on the contour of this new space. Practicality in line with looks, the carbon fiber framed hatchback glass, is side-hinged in respect to the driver's convenience for easy curb-side loading.


Test Drive In Ramsey, NJ

The 2017 McLaren 570 GT Coupe demonstrates comfort, luxury, and convenience with the performance and body of a supercar. With its smooth new look that provides openness and practicality, to its superior performance and handling, this grand touring vehicle truly embodies the experience of a versatile and sporty getaway car that can also be enjoyed during everyday use. Visit our dealership, talk to our friendly and informative staff and get the feel of this car in person!