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2017 McLaren 570S Coupe Performance Specs & Prices | Ramsey, NJ

It's the ultimate sports car experience. Completely driver-centric and performance oriented, the 570S Coupe is equally at home on the track as it is on the open road. With the lightest weight in its class and the highest power to weight ratio, it delivers super car punch and thrills that would shame many more expensive rivals.


• Engine: Rear mid-mounted DOHC V8 3.8 liter all aluminum, twin-turbo with dry sump lubrication

• Horsepower: 562 hp

• 443 lb-ft Torque

• 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds

• Top Speed: 204 mph

• 7-speed transmission with McLaren dual clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox & three modes: Normal, Sport & Track

• Exterior Color: Vermillion Red

• Interior Color: Carbon Black Leather

• Stock #: C017

• VIN: HW003223



2017 McLaren 570S Coupe

Lease for $2,198 per month, $0 down payment*
Applies to VIN HW003223, Stock # C017. MSRP: $200,610. *$0 down payment. Price includes all costs to be paid by a consumer, except for licensing costs, registration fees, and taxes. . 47 month lease term, 5,000 miles per year. $113,085.50 residual. Subject to tier 1 approval through Ally Financial. Expires 11/30/17. Photo for illustration purposes only.




2017 McLaren 570S Coupe For Sale in Ramsey, NJ

The 2017 McLaren 570S Coupe is recognized as a top-of-the line contender in the supercar category that blows its competitors away. What's exciting about the 570S Coupe, is that it is the first in its segment to be mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, with carbon fiber structure. This, in turn, allows it to boast impressive performance and maintain sharp looks.


In terms of performance this vehicle is a frontrunner. Its rear-mid mounted, 3.8-liter, 8 cylinder, engine puts out an intense 562 horsepower at 7,400 rpm, and produces 443 lb-ft of torque when reaching 5,000 rpm. It can accelerate from zero to sixty in 3.1 seconds, reach 124 miles per hour in 9.5 seconds, and has a top speed is 204 miles per hour. It comes with a 7-speed transmission, accompanied by a dual clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox that can enter from Normal to Sport or Track modes. The Normal mode provides an elegant ride with ample comfort in the day-to-day, whereas the Sport and Track modes grip the road and transition you to competing at the circuit.

The carbon fiber structure, including its 176 pound MonoCell II chassis, makes it the lightest vehicle in its segment at 2895 lbs., and produces the best power to weight ratio at 428 horsepower per metric ton. This shows up in the fuels efficiency at 25.5 miles per gallon, providing exemption from gas guzzler tax.


Calculated Appearance

The looks of this car are a dream for any auto enthusiast. It super-aerodynamic and tapered exterior not only put it at the cusp of design for twenty-first century, it also drastically reduces its drag confident. Furthermore, the teardrop-streamlined, rear glass guides air along the rear deck increases the downforce and decreases heat retention. Also, contributing to its fluidity are eight vertical blades on its external pipes. The shrink-wrapped exterior aluminum paneling with intricate grooves in dihedral, vertical opening, doors adds to the all-around aerodynamic design.

Take a seat in this vehicle and feel the driver-focused comfort and accessibility to controls and the road in front of you. This high-performance, sleek, machine sits on alloy wheels of 19 inches in diameter in the front, followed by 20-inch alloy wheels in the rear, giving it an aggressive stance. Carbon-ceramic brake rotors give you control you need when you need it. Adding to its flexibility and preeminence on the road are the McLaren's adaptive dampers, controlled by its three different drive settings, and incorporates front and rear anti-roll bars with dual wishbones

Test Drive In Ramsey, NJ

The 2017 McLaren 570S Coupe has been shown to be a formidable force on the road. From its unparalleled exotic appeal to its superior performance and handling, there are few vehicles that can compare to it. Come by our dealership and talk to our friendly and informative staff about the features, see the car for yourself, and find out how you could own this tour de force.